Static Line is an easier way of getting into the Skydiving and was for years the only way of people getting familiar with Parachuting.

Basically you get a full day course where you get briefed about the facilities, the canopy you are gonna jump with and the other rules of the airm plus the emergency procedures. All things which you will have to apply when jumping with other jumpers.  Then we take you up to  3500 ft where you get attached to the aircraft and when jumping the parachute will deploy by himself. This procedures ensures your canopy is opening and you can concentrate on the canopy flying.  Once you get comfortable by jumping out of an aircraft after 7 jumps, you will make your first footsteps into the freefall where you gradually build up your freefall skills.  All is done on your own still supervised by an instructor who will lead you through the steps and bring you higher and higher until you reach the 10500 feet after another average of 20 jumps.

From then on you focus more and more on your freefall skills where after a set of training jumps you can do your exam jump and qualify for your A license.  This license gives you options then to start jumping with other experienced jumpers.

Advantage of this course is you learn everything at your own pace, and the money you have to spend is more gradually. So you don't really feel it in the pocket as some skydivers would say.  Disadvantage is its taking more time to get a serious level, but Hey at the end your part of the group and you are skydiving on regular basis 

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